The success levels of Mellon's both inbound and outbound campaigns, are at the top of the market, making us the preferred partner of companies that value each contact as a way to enhance their relationship with their customers.

Mellon’s contact center services have been benchmarked and awarded by top international organizations, and its practices meet the highest international standards of excellence, whilst in full compliance with country specific, European and International regulations pertaining to the broader contact center industry.

Through Mellon’s contact center services and complementary outsourced services, our customers are able to accomplish their marketing strategy's goals:

  • Enhance business productivity
  • Build customer loyalty and optimize customer relations
  • Personalize your communication
  • Establish your brand name and increase brand and product awareness in new and existing markets
  • Increase sales and sales efficiency
  • Create new business opportunities to broaden your market
  • Increase customer contact without burdening your operational costs

Customer Acquisition & Retention Services
Lead Generation
Dealer Location
Telemarketing / Telesales
Up-selling & Cross-selling
Order Taking
Mail Order Sales
Retention Calls

Customer Care Services
Customer Service / Help Desk
Information Line
Crisis Line
Pre-Reservation / Reservation
Welcome Calls
Activation Calls
Attrition Calls
Mystery Calls

Research Services
Market Research
Communication Surveys
Telephone Interviews

Call Center Support Services
E-mail handling
SMS handling
Web contact
Data entry services
Script Writing
Secretarial Services
Caller Diverting
Database-updating and enrichment