Waiting to be served? Not anymore!

Manage your customer flow and improve the service your customers receive before they ever arrive to your location.

Whether you are an organization with many appointments (embassy, hospital, police station) or you serve a substantial volume of customers (social security service, public utility, bank, public service), you can now manage your customer flow and improve the service your customers receive with the new Internet, Mobile App and SMS Queuing features which can function hand-in-hand with a traditional NemoQ queuing system or as a stand-alone system.

With the new online queuing applications, your customers are able to manage their appointment experience - schedule, edit, cancel and otherwise manage their appointment – from virtually anywhere, their home, office or on the go. Their service experience at your location is also significantly enhanced:

  • Wait time is minimized 
  • Lobby area is upgraded
  • Faster service in a more pleasant environment

While improving customer flow is an important aspect of queuing, keeping statistics and metrics on customer throughput and employee productivity is also vital. The statistical data gathered by the new features of NemoQ offers invaluable benefits for your internal organization. You will be able to:

  • Spread out your customer flow promoting non-peak hours 
  • Schedule and distribute staff based on the appointments already booked 
  • Meat time objective or other goal set
  • Monitor staff productivity for evaluation purposes per employee, service, location or area
Ask us today how we can improve the customer service experience for your customers before and during their visit at your location. 


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