Multimedia Unified Communication
A complete communications platform that combines voice, email, web, social media, skype, IM:

  • Unify voice and data traffic on a single platform.
  • Leverage a SIP-supported network to blend the CTI feature set with installed business applications to create a fully integrated communications solution that manages phone calls and faxes as well as e-mails, web interactions and valuable business and customer information.
  • Eliminate complexity by replacing multiple legacy hardware-based systems with a single, all-in-one communications platform and application suite
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by centralizing system administration to one interface, converging voice and data on a single network, and lowering overall maintenance
  • Increase security with advanced voice encryption methods and fewer access points for system "break-ins"
  • Support business growth and enterprise expansion with simple application licensing -- not additional hardware, middleware or costly capital expenditures

Unified Dialer
Predictive Dialer is an award winning solution that enables a successful proactive contact strategy as it automates and adds intelligence to the dialing process, how long for viagra to work used in outbound telemarketing, surveys, telesales, scheduled call-backs, fundraising or collections campaigns.

The solution intelligently automates the call to be done, the best time, number and agent according to priorities, skills, availability and contact strategy.

  • Outbound contacts can be blended with inbound activities
  • Boosts productivity by up to 300%
  • Comply with the most demanding legislation and industry regulations
  • Campaign and contact optimization
  • Integration with enterprise applications
  • Call classification
  • Real-time monitoring and historical reporting
  • Run on IP or existing PBXs

Business Process Automation
Workflow is a complete business process automation solution that bridges the gap between the contact center and the other departments of the company.

The solution includes design, automation, operations, management and integration tools. A unified queue for all activities with intelligent distribution, using priorities and skills, delivers tasks on time to the most appropriate resource. Business processes can have automated tasks that do not require a human resource.

  • Enhances control over business processes
  • Increase service levels
  • Effective use of all resource
  • Real time and historic analysis

Quality Monitoring
Improve agent performance
Reduce non work related activities
Reduce training costs
Improve customer satisfaction
Achieve a low total cost of ownership

Voice recording
Screen recording
Custom recording
- Based on business rules
- Agent request
- Script request
- On demand
- Listen to, view recordings on standard tools
Flexible playback
Automatic association of interaction and recording
Scoring of recordings

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