Why Conceptus?

What differentiates Conceptus  Debt Collection Software from  other  collections  systems  and applications  is  that it has  been  developed  by  a  leading  collections  agency  and  thus  incorporates unique  insight,  know‐how  and experience deriving from years of operation and use of contact center and collections systems.

Conceptus Today

Conceptus Debt Collection Software  is  a  fully  customizable  solution  able  to  incorporate  even  the most  complex  policies  and  business  rules.  With Conceptus the customer has a powerful tool for designing, executing, assessing and modifying debt management strategies. 

Conceptus Technology basic features

  • Lightweight Ajax based web interface. Minimizes the response time.
  • Open and expandable software architecture: uses dynamic  screens, user defined fields, additional user modules etc
  • Fully Fledged security features (password encryption, user roles, data hiding, Stealth, audit log)
  • Uses flexible workflow strategies for portfolio segmentation
  • Robust and distributed Infrastructure (easy to set a COB Plan, Minimal downtime)
  • External Systems: Import and export from other databases (automated procedures)
  • Dialer Integrated with Altitude UCI  including custom dialing methodology
  • Real time monitoring tools for the supervisor on the agent work
  • Multi segmentation capabilities; customized for effective monitoring and decision making
  • Bucket flow monitoring
  • Support all delinquencies (early, medium, late, write off, legal etc) and all products
  • Flexible and effective Reporting tool
  • Multilingual & multicurrency 
  • User friendly interface/design

Conceptus System Modules

Conceptus is comprised of 5 different modules that interact.

Conceptus offering

Software as a Service (SaaS) addressing the needs of small offices of up‐to 20 workstations
Software License Agreement (SLA) for larger organizations 


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