Passbook printers

Passbook Printers are ideal for processing forms, envelopes, receipts, signature cards & printing passbooks for banks and service organizations.

With Mellon’s complete range of passbook printers you can increase your tellers’ productivity and efficiency, whilst also reducing the transaction time by printing all the documents without them having to leave their desks.

Our passbook printers exhibit the following features:

ATM add-ons

Mellon's years of experience in self-service systems led to the development of cost-effective ATM add-ons that aim to increase both efficiency and simplicity.

ATM advertising

Advances in multimedia - from interactive billboards to dynamic content in e-mail messages - means consumers have become accustomed to personalized communication. The Self-Service network should not be an exception.

Monitoring Solutions

Reaching revenue targets only occurs with maximum device and network availability. Mellon's monitoring solutions, enable the management of a bank's networks on a real time basis increasing device and network availability.

Anti-fraud Solutions for ATMs

Preventing fraud losses, protecting the integrity of payment systems and boosting customer confidence are vital to the financial services industry. Mellon provides accurate fraud detection solutions and advanced investigation tools that drive efficiency and reduce operational costs to enable best-in-class results.

Anti-Skimming Solutions

With ATM related fraud attacks becoming a serious threat to financial institutions, Mellon in cooperation with renounced vendors introduces to the banks in Greece and the region a range of anti-skimming solutions for their self-service network.

Bill Payment Terminals

Mellon offers multifunctional Bill Payment terminals designed to be compact and with an innovative industrial the design. Thanks to their modular structure and open architecture, these terminals can provide a wide variety of services on and off bank premises: