Safe Care Security Services

On December 27, 2013, Safe Care Security Services S.A. was merged into Mellon Technologies S.A. 
The existing collaborations of both companies will continue as before, with the same high level of service quality and support teams which maintain the same contact details. 
Safe Care Security Services aims to address the pressing need of businesses to limit, or proactively deter incidents that might damage both their tangible and intangible assets. The deployment of modern prevention policies helps avert the consequences from criminal activity that might affect a company’s property, employees, visitors but also its reputation.

Safe Care, in close cooperation with its customers, institutes, enforces and coordinates security policies and procedures to achieve maximum safety. 

The services provided by Safe Care include the guarding of buildings, offices, stores and other establishments and are supported by competent and experienced personnel.

Safe Care operates with discretion and professionalism, using tested procedures and the most advanced tools that enable the streamlined protection of a business, whilst handling emergency situations.

You may contact Safe Care at:

Safe Care Security Services
74A, Pireos str. 
185 47 Pireaus, Greece
Tel.: +30 211 1764150
Fax: +30 211 1764159