Mellon Employment Services has been established aiming to provide mainly staffing services that correspond to every business need related to temporary employment, covering all levels of corporate recruiting. The processes that are applied allow us to ensure an optimum matching between candidate and role creating employment opportunities beneficial for both sides:
  • We understand the client’s needs (seasonality, sudden work load, temporary personnel absence)
  • We analyzed the client’s business needs 
  • We outline the traits of each employment position
  • We define what success means for the client for the particular position
  • We select and suggest the best suitable candidates
  • We hire the selected for the client executives 
  • Maintain frequent communications in order to ensure high employee performance and progress

Mellon Employment Services is a reliable partner for any of your business activities. 

You may contact Mellon Employment Services at:

Mellon Employment Services
74A, Pireos str.
18547, Piraeus, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 3710650
Fax: +30 210 3710659