“We are team players!”

Mellon's culture is inclusive and people focused. 

We think globally, act locally and respect different cultural values in the countries where we operate. Transparency helps us promote integration and, in turn, the success of the Group.

We make decisions based on facts and analyses. To do so, we use the combined knowledge of our Group in all our locations and units, and the expertise of all our employees at all times.  We learn from internal and external best practices, from every single employee.

Our people are passionate about what they do and passionate about the service they provide to our customers. Each individual contributes to our overall success and we encourage personal responsibility, commitment and cooperation - for the benefit of our company and our customers.

Our employees have the opportunity to continually expand their skills and knowledge through continuous support of the Group. We develop, change and take on new challenges on a national or an international basis. This means:

  • We support each other
  • We share our knowledge
  • We communicate in a comprehensive way
  • We are open for new ideas
  • We respect others
  • We actively approach others and build relationships 

Clear priorities determine our actions:

  1. The success of our customers.
  2. The success of our Group.
  3. The success of each organizational unit.
  4. The success of each individual.

We act with integrity internally & externally!

Integrity determines the way we work within the Group as well as our conduct towards our business partners, shareholders and the general public.

Each employee has the opportunity for personal development according to individual performance – independent of gender, religion or culture.

This means:

  • We promote meritocracy
  • We support new colleagues
  • We create an atmosphere of mutual trust