Mellon is a dynamic multinational group providing specialized solutions and services that aim to facilitate the transactions and interactions of organizations with strong consumer business, including financial institutions, public utilities, telecommunication providers and retail chains.

Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Mellon has over 4,500 employees and is present in 12 countries in the wider region of Central and SE Europe, assisting its customers to increase their market share and launch new products and services, efficiently and cost effectively.

Business activities

Mellon has five main business activities:

  • Products that address the need of organizations for efficient and cost-effective customer interactions and transactions, whilst enhancing the overall customer experience at the point of contact (at the branch, over the internet, over the phone, at the store, in the mail).
  • Our Product Services involve two key capabilities, the provision of value-added technical support for Mellon’s products and the development of custom support services and software solutions that address an urging market/customer need.
  • Call Center Services that provide organizations with one resource and the necessary expertise for domestic telephony-enabled services. These services cover both inbound and outbound campaigns on three key areas –collections, telemarketing and customer support.
  • Business Process Management Services that draw from specialized sources including know-how, processes, human resources and technologies to effectively undertake complex and demanding outsourced projects.
  • Processing Services including the provision and management of integrated solutions and applications for value added card-based and/or pos-based transactions.

Business orientation

Our business orientation is aligned with the Group's philosophy, and aims to the most effective and efficient support of the needs of:

our customers
for profitable development of electronic transaction channels
for increasing the efficiency of business operations
for operational flexibility and competitive positioning

our society
for sustainable development and progress based on a sound socioeconomic system
for prosperity and facilitation stemming from informed decisions

our people
for professional and personal growth
for learning and advancement
for equal opportunities